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  1. Okay 👍🏻 Nevertheless, I hope they give us the option to disable horizontal swipe... I generally find that Evernote is still lacking in giving the user individual choices in the settings. Starting with note-title or with the note-body is a perfect example... In which order the user wants to have the sections displayed in the left sidebar is another... Or now this setting option, how to close a note...
  2. Odd... For me it happens almost all the time... Do you have a Plus/Max iPhone or the normal size? It may be iOS standard, but Apple Notes for example does NOT have horizontal swipe for closing a note... so I think, they were aware, that closing a note via horizontal swipe is not the best solution for most users and so they decided to close a not only with the Back Button in the top left corner (which I hope Evernote will give us this solution as well). IMG_9685.MP4
  3. I wanted to ask, if it is possible to STOP closing a note by horizontal swipe, because you CANNOT work with tables inside a note or just scroll down normally, because the horizontal swipe is very sensitive and every time you swipe horizontally inside the note, table, etc. or scrolling down, the note gets closed by this horizontal swipe and it is really annoying when the note is closed every time, but you don't want it... So, I hope you can turn this horizontal swipe feature on and off, so that you can only exit the note by clicking on the back icon in the top left corner (for users who want it turned off like me). Thanks 😊 (A support ticket I submitted recently, I hope more people will take notice of this annoying "problem".... (I already found a few people who find it annoying too). It would actually be fixed quickly by a few lines of code...)
  4. Sorry to be so direct but that was unfortunately my first impression. However, before that I was very happy that Tasks is now also available as a widget! I hope you will now adapt the Tasks Widget so, that it is also more suitable for larger screens (e.g. the iMac)... For example, so that the Tasks (left) and the related Note in which the Tasks is located (right) get the full width, so that it is displayed to the end of the screen on the right. Thanks dear Evernote-Team and nonetheless, great work you guys are doing lately. :)
  5. Great feature so far! Is it possible to display 'Tasks' above 'Favorites' (Shortcuts) in the left sidebar? Because I have over 100+ Shortcuts and so you can imagine, that it always takes around 5-10 seconds to scroll down to 'Tasks'... Of course it would be best, if you can decide for yourself in which order the different areas are displayed in the left sidebar... because I have the same problem with 'All Notes' -> It also always takes 5-10 seconds to scroll down to the button (Notes) below the shortcuts. And you always have to keep in mind that 'Notes' & now also 'Tasks' is ALWAYS only ONE button and it actually makes more sense if these two buttons are above 'Shortcuts', because their number doesn't change, while the number of 'Shortcuts' can vary greatly for each user. A user with, say, 5 shortcuts will not find this annoying, while a user (like me) will often find it annoying to have to scroll down 100+ shortcuts each time to get to 'All Notes' and now also to 'Tasks'. That's why the ability to set the order of the areas (Home, Shortcuts, Tasks, Notes, Notesbooks, Tags, Shared, etc.) would be a huge step forward in Evernote (because some users also want to have, let’s say, 'Tags' displayed above 'Shortcuts', for example...). But the first impression of 'Tasks' is definitely positive and I think, I'm not the only one who is happy about the positive development of Evernote! (I published the same post 30 minutes ago, but apparently it disappeared... It had 2 or 3 likes by then, so it seems there is resonance with the improvement of setting the order of the areas for yourself!)
  6. I also wanted to let you know again, that I totally agree with Stacey! Seeing All Notes at all times is (was) one of the most powerful features of Evernote and one of the main reasons, why I don't switch to Notion, etc. ... I have over 175 smaller notebooks with sometimes as few as 20 notes, which means I usually want to switch back and forth between the different notes in the notebooks very quickly (whether I'm clicking on a link in the note, Favorites, Quick Switcher, Search, etc.) -> And I ALWAYS want to have All Notes in the Middle column visible all the time(!), because it's so central to the overall view of everything I have in Evernote (for example, if I just updated 10 notes from 10 different notebooks and want them visible at the top of the All Notes column). It's just so frustrating to have the All Notes column covered up every time, as soon as I click on a link in a note, Favorites, Quick Switcher, Search, etc.! And I slowly can't hold back my anger anymore with this current setting ... Just please give us the option to decide for ourselves, whether we want the center column (All Notes) displayed or not! For example: Option 1: ALWAYS see All Notes. (Favorite of mine and many others I know). Option 2: Column with the notes of the particular notebook. Option 3: Hide the column (as it is at the moment unfortunately... ). Option 3.1: Hide the column - but keep the current note displayed when you click on the current notebook in the upper left corner... Please dear Evernote team, I hope you give us the choice to decide for ourselves, which option we want to have! Thank you!
  7. Totally agree with it. It's really annoying... I asked the same question in October at the release of Evernote 10, if you can turn it off - but they just said: I hope they soon give us the option to have the 2nd row always displayed when using the shortcuts or searching for something.... I get upset every day about this current 'feature' and it has made my workflow very worse because I actually always work with ,,Viewing All Notes'' all the time...
  8. I asked this question 2 month ago and they said it's by design 😕 It's so annoying...
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