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  1. Hi! Staffan, I had posted the same annoying problem several months ago. It seems like real-time typing cannot be achieved when the file is relatively big. From then on I broke down a file into many smaller sections and it started to work without delay. My suggestion to Evernote is to announce the file size that works on real time. I have had this delay problem for a long time and it is a shame. Nevertheless I am still using Evernote since I have to access my files from several devices. Thanks for the same comment to Evernote and I wish Evernote can help our problems. January 12, 2021 Kwan H Lee
  2. Hi! I am a Evernote Premium (MAC) user. I am often having a time delay ( not synchronized)in writing text on to a file. It makes me tired to wait for the text appear on the monitor. l would appreciate your help. This isn’t a recent problem rather a problem I have been bearing with for a long time. thanks! khlee@gist.ac. kr September 28, 2020
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