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  1. When I create an internal app link (right click on note -> copy internal link -> copy app link Alt+Ctrl+L), paste it into a note, then click on it, it opens it into a browser. The link created is evernote:///view/..., and does not have the https://www.evernote.com/shard/... extension as per web links. Still, it opens the web link. Couldn't find anything in settings, so it looks like a bug. Anyone else having this problem? I'm using the v 10.3.7.
  2. Sure: 1. Complete dark mode. I have a 49" super ultrawide monitor, and white documents are like a punch in the face when I work late nights. I used to dim my monitor just because of evernote. All apps I use are set in dark mode, and I was waiting for evernote to catch up for a over a year. 2. Instant sync. I always toggle between desktop and mobile, and I hated that I had to keep in mind to always sync. A few times I forgot and I went into meetings without the notes I've worked on to prepare for said meetings. A copuple times I wend shopping without the shopping list updated on my phone. I understand some don't like this feature, but for me Evernote is partly about writing stuff down so that I don't have to carry them in my mind. It was a drag to always remind myself to sync after leaving the app/shutting down my desktop. 3. Back / Forth buttons. Just started using them and they improve my workflow.
  3. @itharaju Thanks. I downloaded Legacy and did this as well and it works. It's still stupid that we need to have 2 software installed and toggle between them. I am 99.99% sure this can be resolved in half an hour by a developer. Simply by removing the validation for the field, so that it will allow you to modify it as you wish (as it's been for years). But I have the feeling it will take months. I hate to say it, but after about 7 years of using Evernote I've started to look at alternatives.
  4. This is a big problem for me as well, as I use the file:/// hyperlinks daily on a lot of stuff. The workaround with the Drag & Drop is not ok for me because it adds a lot of clutter to my files/notes. For example, I could have the word "Pay" and hyperlink it to an external excel file, but if I drag and drop it it takes 10-20 times as space in width, has a border around it, file extension, logo and file size, padding, and it breaks the line. If I have Pay 1, Pay 2, Pay 3.... Pay 10, now I can't have them all in 1 row, I have 1 row for each file, with extra irrelevant info and padding between them. I can't format it, change colors, font, highlight etc. Huge difference. Hope this is fixed fast.
  5. they are there in the webversion. I tried removing it from shortcuts and adding them again, adding other ones etc. Not working on the desktop app. I'll ignore it for a few days then write a ticket. Thanks.
  6. The Shortcuts dropdown does not show any notes that I added as shortcuts. I just get the "Add your first shortcut. Click the ... icon on a note, notebook, stack or tag to add it here." notification. If I add a notebook as a shortcut, it appears, but notes don't, and that's what I need. Please fix this bug as soon as possible. Thanks.
  7. Hard to believe this is an actually a problem and that it's been around for years. @Ian Small, how on earth can you expect a business to use a file sharing system that gives you little to no control over those files? Not only that, but it sounds borderline illegal not to be able to delete them. If I spam every evernote user with shared files filled with ads, they can't actually delete them, right? Ridiculous.
  8. Came here to request this feature, now I see it kept being requested for about 10 years now. Dear Lord you guys are slow...
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