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  1. I got this email about the new version and installed. How I regret!! Still no syntax highlight for code blocks, no way to lock a note, nothing new, just some awful design changes that made the app sluggish! Not only that but it messed the line breaks on ALL My notes (double line breaks on all of them). I need to use the old version back and had to install this Legacy version now that Evernote and DTLow keeps linking and even though it resembles the version I was using, it has this awful grey icon and my notes are still messed up with the double line breaks introduced by the new version. It set me 1 hour back and destroyed my day's productivity having to deal with that. Evernote team clearly doesn't think about the user experience. What a regret!
  2. I am migrating to Notion and trying it right now!
  3. OH-MY-GOD! How is this not done yet? This is the only reason why I dont go premium on this software, just not worth it!
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