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  1. This version of evernote is just frustrating, what happened to this amazing service, 11 or 12 years with the service and now, I can get some work done only with difficulty. Notes are not syncing, the platform is slow, notes do not get saved, can't e-mail them. I bet it will take a year for everything to get back to the level we need for our productivity.
  2. Just today, I needed to send notes through e-mail. I collected them on my phone, the app seems a bit slower and sometimes blows out the screen, but you know that really is not so much of a problem. Then I had to go to a desktop to use the installed evernote to mail the notes, it just wastes time, a simple function like this. Please bring it back. Isn't it enough I lost the 3D touch function on the Evernote app in iOS? That made quick note taking so easy, but ok, I can do without that. However when productivity is hindered, really it's not what Evernote is about.
  3. Please bring the e-mail a copy of the actual note back, I mean the desktop version still supports it, please don't remove it, please. I can't tell you how much time I am loosing just because we do not have this feature. Productivity in Evernote is one of the moats of this software and that e-mail note function, really helps with reporting to all sorts of people.
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