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  1. Nope. I still have to reinstall it almost every day to see note content. Arggg.
  2. I have to reinstall it almost every day so i can see note content. I hope they fix this soon. At least I know what to do, and thank goodness for the online version!
  3. Oops, sorry about that. I finally heard back from support and they sent me a link to the latest version. See below, hopefully this fixes the problem. Thanks again! We just released an update - Version 10.2 - which addresses many of the requests we have seen over the last few weeks. At this time, please update your application [www.evernote.com/download] for access to the most recent fixes and features. Check out this article [https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058361833] for a list of the feature updates and fixes you can expect to see in this update. While we do b
  4. Thank you both very much! I have modified the settings on my ipad and checked that my preferences are set correctly. Hopefully this will protect me. When my connection was lost though, I wasn't able to view notes on my PC. This may have something to do with the other problem where EN won't display actual not content unless I reinstall it. This has happened twice. I have posted two questions about this, marked URGENT, but nobody has replied. Might one of you check into this?
  5. My internet connect ion recently had problems and I couldn't get to my notes. Very upsetting. I have since learned about the offline capability but have questions: I ran it on my ipad but had to do it a folder at a time. Is there a way to simply download the entire notebook? I need this feature primarily on my Win10 PC. Can it be done on my PC? Do these downloaded folders stay synched with online content? Thanks - Richard
  6. I upgraded to Premium for the supposed "Priority Support" I've posted several urgent questions but have received no replies. I realize covid might be slowing this down, but one of them 6 day old and still nothing. Anybody know what's going on? This is very frustrating. Thanks - Richard
  7. That would be perfect. I'm on Win10 however, and while I can link to the spreadsheet, I have to click on the link to open it in excel. I really would rather have it simply appear like on your Maac. Am I doing something wrong to prevent that? Thanks - Richard
  8. I could REALLY use a template where you could select columns with numbers in them and get a total at the bottom. I couldn't find such a beast. Does one exist? Is this where I'd request such a thing? Thanks - Richard
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