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  1. Help, same thing happened to me... It's not the problem with the Google Chrome mine is the latest version, care to help? my exam is literally tommorow
  2. hello

    thanks for liking my post

    i wanna be popular like you ❤️

    1. gazumped


      LOL You're welcome.  It was good of you to post a fix that might help lots of users... provided it works,  of course... :rolleyes:

  3. OK, GUYS I FOUND OUT WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!!! If 'when trying to access the new version but gets a blank screen' happens to you follow these steps: Click this link https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action?disableIonToPrevious= Press go to notes Click the link again Press go to new version Search https://evernote.com/client/web on another tab Close the tab in step 3 Keep the first tab open until the last tab has shown you all the notes Hope this helped... I did this on a custom built Windows computer, so Mac or Linux users please don't trashtalk me
  4. hello is there another lapse of the system on windows,or could it be the new google chrome update
  5. OMG DEVELOPER TEAM IF YOU SEE THIS I LOVE YOU THANKS FOR HELPING ME FIX IT YALL ARE THE BEST <33333333 Such as fast response, and just in time for me to revise for my exam next week
  6. the app works fine, as does the older version of evernote... but i dont like using the old one and the app is too complicated for me
  7. Hi, this issue just happened to me... I don't wish to use the old Evernote, please help me
  8. It's back again after 6 years... I just got empty lines inserted when I convert from note to pdf or printing and it is very annoying!
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