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  1. @miksko thanks for reporting; this is a bug we're aware of on iOS/iPad devices, and the fix will be released very soon!
  2. @VincentC @Stacey thank you for reporting; I've heard one other report of this issue (also Windows 10). @VincentC just in case, could you share what type of Windows device you're using there?
  3. @NicksomenameThanks. Will message you for more information, but one thing to expect with reminder notifications for tasks, notes, and chats is that they follow the changes synced in your Evernote apps across each of your devices. For example, if you set a reminder on a task in Windows, you should expect to get the notification for that reminder in Android if your Evernote app in Android has had the chance to sync the change you made in Windows.
  4. @Nicksomename thanks for reporting! Did the blank notification happen just once, or is it ongoing? On Windows, have you checked that you have notifications enabled for Evernote app and that your Focus assist (if enabled) isn't blocking notifications during certain time periods?
  5. Hi @Marc Teutelink, have you tried setting a reminder on open tasks? As long as you have notifications enabled for EN, you'll get reminder notifications on your devices/web browser. Please let us know how that's working out for you in your tasks system. I'm curious about the badges -- are you thinking badge counts on the EN app icon, visual indicators next to a note/notebook in the UI, or both?
  6. Hi @MauricioMatias, I'd love to hear your experience with using task reminders so far. What client(s) have you used them on? Any specific things you expect to happen that you don't see happen? Thanks! @silentquest Agree! Snoozing a reminder is a request we want to pursue soon.
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