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  1. I'm not sure where I set the highlight initially, whether it was on the Android app or the web app, but the problem to remove happenned on the Android app version 8.13.3. The device is a Samsung S10+ with Android 10.
  2. I have created only 3 notes so far and used highlighting only in this one, so I haven't given so many chances to reproduce the behavior. I didn't try to remove the highlighting using the option you mentioned. I already deleted the problematic highlighted text and wrotte it again. I haven't used highlighting again to see if the problem is really gone but I will do it again to reproduce the behavior and try to remove it with the option mentioned. The text of the note is enterely written there, nothing copied from outside. Other details: - I have used the Android app and the web app to write in this note; - The problem happened near the moment I shared the note. It was shared with reading permission only and using the sharing link. I have no idea if it's related.
  3. With a video evidence, I can't see why someone wouldn't consider it a bug. If there wasn't something wrong, editing the highlight to make it larger also wouldn't work, but it did. Environment, user data and a lot of other things may interfere on reproduction. It can work fine on your phone and still be a bug that happens on others. And it's very easy to get rid of this, so it may be the reason why people doesn't report. Also, people rarely report bugs. I just removed the text highlighted and wrote it again to do so. I'm not reporting here because I need any help, but because the development team must know about it. Easily bypassable bug is still a bug. Environment: Samsung S10+, Android 10
  4. Did you watch the video? I touched the text before, which makes it go to edit mode, so the 'pen' button was gone. It's not even possible to remove a highlight if not in edit mode. After this, I removed the text highlight and then I touched on the save button in the top left corner of the screen. It makes the 'pen' come back. This is expected since it was saved and it's not in edit mode anymore. But 1-2 seconds later the highlight comes back. It's clearly a bug.
  5. I have a text highlight in some portion of my note. I open it, edit it removing the text highlight and save, two seconds later it comes back. I try to remove and edit the text somewhere; or remove it and highlight a smaller portion of the text; or remove it and highlight a larger portion. Nothing makes it work, but makes it worse. The highlights I did joined with the bugged highlight and it's larger now. Screen_Recording_20200919-202846_Evernote.mp4
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