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  1. Hi Daniel. While you can’t do this natively through Evernote, you can through IFTTT. IFTTT let’s you automate different needs utilizing Evernote and hundreds of other apps. There is a way to integrate the Reminders app and Evernote as you suggested. http://IFTTT.com
  2. I'm personally a fan of being lax around my Evernote organization when I want to be, and having a more tight workflow when I want to have one. I try to meet my Evernote clients where they are as well. For me this means getting all of my content into Evernote as quickly as possible and sometimes simply relying on search to allow me to locate the things I need, until I can further organize them. That said. The separation of the two in terms of search is a huge disruption to my workflow. A unified search is key for me. I would like to see switches for drastic implementations such as this.
  3. Whew. That's not good. Please do me a favor and reauthorize Evernote
  4. It should just be the name of your list and the 'send' tag.
  5. I had the .dmg file but not another installation. I just downloaded from above and reinstalled. Thanks!
  6. Got this upon upgrading... Just saw why - If the download fails, this is the release that gets downloaded --> Evernote_RELEASE_6.8_453748
  7. Hi friends. I need someone to do a quick video recording themselves using and explaining my simply Evernote app. Can you help? When can you have it completed? How much? Message me please. Thanks! Lindsey
  8. Never! But again, didn't need them to. That was enough to scare the heck out of me. Way more than when EN removed the list view from the Mac client (Thankfully that's been re-added). I've recovered and life is back to normal. Howdy, Lindsey. Thank you for "chiming in". Microsoft never rectified the issue with you?... that's remarkable! ~ Alan P.S. See PM.
  9. Sorry for chiming in on an old post, but speaking of OneNote, Encryption and Privacy... I signed up and throughly played with OneNote just for a comparison about a year ago. I even migrated some content over... Not longer after, to my surprise/ chagrin I received an email from Microsoft stating that my account was locked due to some potentially 'harmful' content in my account. There was no option to retrieve the content, mainly some ebooks and a few notes. This became the biggest deterrent to dealing with Microsoft for my private notes. Yea there's no encryption yet in EN (I truly believe it's coming), but at least they aren't snooping in my stuff. I don't know what could have been 'harmful' and I don't care, I value freedom, or at least a greater level of freedom than OneNote.
  10. I prefer this method. Going through 75,000 notes manually becomes cumbersome. I would add one thing however - it might be better to select "My Notes' first (available in the view menu). I found that a lot of my duplicates were from someone else's notebook, a shared notebook. I saved a lot of time but just selecting my notes, the notes that I could actually delete. Great suggestion @csihilling
  11. Brian - check out Veritrope. http://veritrope.com/code_type/evernote/
  12. Hey Rich - try Zapier. You may be able to hack a notification system to your needs. Amongst other cool stuff. Also since you use Trello, this integration might be good for you - http://jaworski.net/busylife-overview/
  13. Hey Renee. I have to be honest with you, I don't use Shoeboxed for my bcards. I use cardmunch. Not Evernote-affiliated at all, but a great app and it integrates with LinkedIn. There is a new devcup app that just came out as well - Cardful by no means is it ready, but when/ if it is, it will do what we need it to. Good luck!
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