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  1. I am having the same problem. Scrolling through list of notes is a pain - erratic scrolling on iOS 14.6 (iPad Pro (11 inch, 2nd generation)
  2. Interesting ... same here ... once I disconnect from the WWW, the search finds the newly created note 🤔 Once being back online, search don’t shows results for that newly created note
  3. @NikMTrue that! 🙃 BTW - next notes just entered, had been indexed in few minutes ...
  4. @NikMThanks for clarification. Wasn't aware that it takes so long to index pure text in new notes. Thought that only OCR in PDF/images take a longer while. Had the same situation as explained by @sceptre4444 above: Created notes which are shown in the section where all notes are listed, but no search return for same notes (not in app nor in web-interface) ... Update: now the notes are returned in search. Took about 1 hour in my case.
  5. Hi all, noted that date picker seems to be restricted to 5 weeks. Try yourself: August 2020 (equals 01.-31.08.2020) In fact only shows 01.08. (in 1st line of date picker) and ends with 29.08. (on 5th line) thus one have to click on next month ahead in order to be able to chose 30. or 31.08. P.S.: Would be great to have ability to still enter the date/time manually besides date / time picker. Imagine you have to back date a document let's say 01.01.2010 ... in this case "happy clicking" ... 😄 Cheers, Matthias
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