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  1. As i've seen from searching the community feedbacks on the privacy problem that i have - Evernote PC has no password nor pin - turns out i'm not the only one, and i'm very late at this issue too. I've seen old post that talk about this as old as 5 years old and even more.. I don't get the idea why this isn't a basic priority for the user experience. I know some of the user here will probably recommend "It's no big deal, you can lock your PC anyway.. or You can just log off from your Evernote account and just log back in when you need to" as they have replied the previous thread before, but why do we even need to discuss? Lock feature exist in a lot of other pc app for a reason and surely it makes me feel more secure, especially knowing that this particular app stores many personal ideas and important information. Adding a lock feature by password or pin should be a reasonable option knowing the service that Evernote provide, and i wonder will does it harm the company to apply lock feature in windows in any way? There are emerging rival note app that i've tried such as J*****y that provide more privacy and plenty of features that Evernote doesn't have - yet i still love Evernote and already get used to it as my main note app and i really want to keep it that way. I feel like the dev doesn't pay attention enough by the fact that this problem exist for years and suggested by multiple users already, i hope i'm wrong and they are actually considering this atm. There are various background and condition of users that would get benefit from adding the security feature. For me i am an older brother of 2 younger sisters who rely on my laptop for their school assignments. I dont like the idea of log off my account everytime they borrow because this is my laptop, also sometimes i need to access Evernote quickly since i oftenly got random complex ideas that i need to write asap and i know logging in compare to pin or pass would surely feel a lot longer and inconvenient in such a hurry moment. Please.. add this feature for i have been enjoying this app for years and Evernote has been my pal through many hard times in high school and college. My thoughts and ideas are very important for me and i want to store it from my pc safely too.
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