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  1. +1 This is a huge usability problem. It'll get worse as more people store more stuff, because they will need to rely on search to find things.
  2. +1 on this. I find myself constantly having to reset my columns in the side view. It takes about 5-10 seconds to readjust every time. If this could fix, it would literally save me hours throughout the year!
  3. First off, wanted to congratulate the team on bringing in clearly and skitch into evernote clipper. Beforehand, I had to choose clearly (if I wanted to read) or clipper (if I wanted to comment) on an article. Now I can do both. A couple suggestions. It's not clear when you're using skitch vs. clearly functionality. Perhaps separate out the skitch functionality as it requires a screenshot. It wasn't intuitive at first, but since I use skitch for my day-to-day I was able to figure it out after a few missteps Under the FILE flyout, there are three sections (Name, Notebook, Tag, Comment) When viewing in my laptop, Comment/tag is sometimes below the fold. I can't get to it Consider a) adding scrolls and defining set height limits based on window size so that tags/comments still appear putting comments on top under title c) moving to something like an accordion interaction modal There are currently notebook/tag options on the right sidebar. Add a comments (as you can tell, I really like comments) When selecting article view: the [+/-] is sometimes out of the screen. Readjust the window. Or just have the +/- visbile in screen at all times It seems to me that you are trying to create a product that does two things: help users consume the content, and help users share content (by first saving it, modifying it, or commenting on it). I wonder if there is a way of separating those two use cases. Anyways, you guys make great product! I'm really excited that you've started to integrate other products to web clipper's feature-set. The next challenge is to simplify it by delineating the two separate use cases to help new users ramp up. For me as a power user, I know how those products work as I use Evernote, skitch, clipper, and clearly. Keep up the good work! Vince
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