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  1. Where did you see this? I looked everywhere for it.. I am signed up as one of their early access/beta users and got emails about nothing but the window's version.
  2. I actually am running a pretty fresh install of Fedora 33 and just installed wine using dnf. I only have an older version of iTunes installed in the same prefix. I installed a bunch of fonts, gdiplus, msls31, msxml3 using winetricks. Then just "wine evernoteinstaller.exe" (that is not the exact name of the file, but you get the idea). That was pretty much it. Its 64bit prefix, configured as Windows 10. I was pleasantly surprised it all worked so well. What was the error you were encountering?
  3. Hey everyone... I actually was running an old version of evernote in wine, the more recent versions didn't work very well or install at all. It wasn't perfect.. it had issues but it was usable. With the release of wine 6, the latest version of Evernote actually installed and runs great... much better than the old one. If there are some features that don't work yet I' haven't tried using them yet. Just an fyi!
  4. I used OneNote but got tired of the problems it had on Mac and Windows with renaming notebooks, etc. When I heard Evernote was going to release a Linux client I switched and paid for the service... I joined the beta program to hopefully use what I thought would have already been in beta. But noting. If when its time to renew my membership (I paid yearly) and there isn't anything released or even announced I'm not going to renew.
  5. I figured it out.. my browser was preventing them from knowing what OS I was using so it just didn't give me any options at all.
  6. That is not working for me... it just shows me the page with the app store icons.... hmmm...
  7. I have had plenty of issues with downloaded apps needing to be reinstalled or reauthorized (even free ones) when installing from the Windows store. I have decided from now on I'm not using the Windows Store for applications. I got an email today about a new version for windows... but as far as I can tell you can only download it in the store. So Evernote, if you are readig this, I guess that means I won't be using your new version.
  8. Same here. Got tired of OneNote renaming all my notebooks... I lost notes because I deleted files I thought I renamed by accident. Decided to give Evernote a try again, its been a long time. I even got Evernote to "work" with wine... then heard about a native linux beta so I signed up for the program... but I don't see anything about it yet.
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