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  1. Hey, thank you for the advice. I checked my billing and, both, Evernote billing history ‘and’ my bank account show that I was debited the Premium subscription amount on 15 Sep 2020. But, as I wrote in my original post, despite the fact that I ‘have’ clearly paid for my subscription, Evernote is kicking me out of my notes and keeps telling me that I still need to upgrade to Premium!!
  2. I agree with frustrations expressed in this forum!! I am a paid-up Premium subscriber, but, for some reason, over the last few days, Evernote keeps booting me out of my notes, taking me to the 'Upgrade Subscription' splashscreen!! Nor can I contact the mythical 'Technical Support'!! What is with that!!?? I have been paying an Evernote subscription literally for years(!!), but can 'not' get technical support!!?? If someone/anyone from Evernote could - please - kindly contact me and sort out this issue, I would appreciate it!! So far, I am paying for a subscription that gives me 'NO'
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