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  1. I have no idea how this works and never been on a board. not even sure if you can help. I received the email below from Evernote and need to know if this was a warning o if someone actually got into my account. when I look at the access history this IP address does not show and everything looks normal. I followed the steps below and set up the increased security. If someone got into my account and copied all my files I am toast as everything have is in there. Question again, does this mean they got in or does it mean they tried and were not successful...please help.. thanks
  2. i received this tonight in my email: This is not me and I followed the instructions below to better protect my account. What I do not understand is was this hacker able to get into my evernote account? or is this an alert that says someone tried to but was not successful? I do not know how to get this answer as the evernote help options seems worthless thanks
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