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  1. I take back what I said about iPhone working correctly. Duplicate notes occurred this morning on the iPhone. Am already on 10.0.2 as well. This is terrible. I don't even know how to find the "correct" note to update as I go about my day now, since there are multiple options to choose from. Hereby consider this the worst note-taking app ever. Should go on Keep Productivity on YouTube to make them be aware of this EN bug, so other people who are interested in productivity can stay away - at least for now. The EN CEO is just on there doing marketing and PR on there despite this storm over here. Not in good taste.
  2. It’s been more than a week since I OP-ed this. I don’t think it has improved enough with the 10.0.2 update downloaded yesterday. To be fair, my iPhone doesn’t cause any duplication issues (but have other issues such as Notebook not showing). Currently, only taking notes on my iPad creates duplication issues. Please see attached screenshot for my line by line testing with different devices. I don’t think the team is updating up regularly on this too. I plan to move to another note taking platform if this problem persists. Thanks guys for sharing the same situation you are facing, on here.
  3. Hi, I recently upgraded my Evernote version to this new version in iOS. If I create a new note and start typing, multiple new notes with the same content will be created. A Note Conflict message will be in the header portion of some of the new repeated notes that were created. Full specs: I created these notes on the iPad Pro, rather than on the iPhone. Input method: Apple Keyboard, via Bluetooth. May I know what seems to be the problem?
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