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  1. Has this problem gone away? I was experiencing this problem - but now it seems to have gone away! 2 things happened * My device (Samsung Galaxy Tab) did a system update yesterday. * I updated to the latest 2.6.1 version of Evernote. Unfortunately, I didnt' work with Evernote between the 2 events. I'm using a free account and today the notes will be downloaded and displayed in 2 - 3 seconds. I certainly hope this has been fixed. Anybody else experiencing this???? Have a great day,
  2. Evernote is one terrific app! I would like to voice my opinion in support of a Tag Tree in the Android app. Finding a specific tag in the overall list is rather hard - even when sorted by name. I suppose I could cleverly name the tags to denote their hierarchical structure (i.e. Next Action @Home) - but this would make their names more complex. Please consider it. Have a great day!
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