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  1. Hello developers, how are you? I'm here to talk about a problem editing PDFs in Evernote (Windows, Desktop) that I encountered. I have a Digitizing Table and it is extremely useful in the workflow of reading documents, books or small articles, since I have the lightness to be able to make text markings, annotations and indicate arrows. The problem that Evernote is presenting is precisely there: when using the text markup tool, for example, the simple click of the pen under the graphics tablet causes the editor to suffer a bug in which he does not stop '' cross out '' the pdf. It's pretty annoying, but I think it can be easily resolved. Ah, I could not fail to thank you for the new update that allows us to scratch the screen of evernote '' in white '' with a third application (Epic Pen, for example), take a print of what was scratched (a delimited print, I mean) and, later, paste it in the note without demonstrating that there was a print over print. I noticed that the note recognizes the background color of Evernote and thus makes the print very similar to an edition in the note itself (as in OneNote). It was a little difficult to explain, but I think you understand ... Acknowledgments from Brazil.
  2. Hello, it is a great pleasure to be able to offer suggestions for you, developers of our dear elephant. First of all, I would like to introduce myself: I am a regular student, which I use EVERNOTE as the center of my studies (notebook / binders) and for other everyday matters. Because of this, the program is something basic for me and I am a regular user. Secondly, I would like to highlight some improvements that I believe are very important: 1) When returning to a closed note, go back to where you recently closed it (a very common system in PDF readers, for example) => I believe that such functionality is very useful for those who explore a thematic note (as a subject for study), which, in turn, has a good character length. 2) Tool to insert shortcuts manually => This would be fantastic for all users, considering that it would fulfill the role of satisfying the particularity of each one. In my case, there are some shortcuts that, unfortunately, coincide with one already pre-installed on my machine, such as CTRL + ALT + H (and that I would love to have the clicks available for such a function) 3) Have a schedule for specific texts => This would be very useful for specific checkouts and that should indicate tasks to be performed on a certain day and time 4) Evernote Clipper has an editor like Microsoft Edge => Scratch the screen, for example (that would be fantastic) 5) The text markup has specific shortcuts; for example, selecting a particular passage and pressing Ctrl + 8 would make it underlined in blue; the same process, but with Ctrl + 9 it would already turn pink; and so on, ... 6) Search on Windows also perform a search for notes (more agile) → Process similar to Google Once I saw that in Notion, your rival program, there is the possibility to expand / collect the titles. A similar process with Ctrl + Shift + B would be very good
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