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  1. Thanks very much for your response. Yes, I saw the other thread about that "created in another app" message. That one seemed to be referencing editing notes, but I am getting it when I try to clip web pages, as mentioned. I am able to cut and paste text into a new note with no problem. That is the only other type of note I tried to create. I did sign up for premium to get access to tech support. That asked me to send a copy of the activity log, so I did that this evening and am waiting to hear back. Not feeling very hopeful based on what I've seen on this forum so far, though! I
  2. I just downloaded the Evernote Android app today. I am able to see notes (including web pages) created in the past, but I am unable to save any new web pages to it. When I click on the elephant, it says it is clipping the webpage. But when I go int the note, I get a message that says, "Read only - this was created in another app." I am using Chrome on an Android tablet. I have already tried: clearing my history in Chrome, signing in and out of Evernote, and turning my tablet on and off. Any suggestions? My main need for Evernote is to clip web articles, so this is making the app ba
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