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  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. We begged for a decade for text styles, finally got them, but at the cost of... program preferences??? I can't use the computer while Evernote is running! The first thing I did on a new Evernote install was to disable all the keyboard shortcuts. Many of them are mapped to things in the Finder in macOS! I keep trying to do things in the Finder, only to have the Evernote menubar icon open up and ask if I want to do something with Evernote. "If I did, I would be working in Evernote, not the Finder." I simply have to quit Everno
  2. Just saw the update on the iOS version. Very nice. I hope it hits the Mac soon!
  3. I have been admitted to the beta program, but haven't been given any betas. I've also switched to the beta channel on my Mac client updates, but still no styles menu like the web client... This is very disappointing.
  4. Thanks for the replies, but those are not really styles. Those are character formatting options. When I say "style," I'm talking about heading styles, paragraph styles, etc. The only thing in that menu that qualifies as a style is the code block (which is a welcome addition; don't get me wrong). If the headers are available in the beta client, perhaps I'll switch to that channel. I've been using Evernote for over 10 years, and have wanted this for that long. I recently tried to switch to OneNote, but although it has many more text options, it really is more focused on taking actual n
  5. All these years later, still waiting for support for styles in Evernote, and I find that they are implemented on the web version only. ...Who uses the web version? If I wanted to use a webpage for this, I'd use Google Keep or Apple Notes or something like that. I basically pay Evernote for everything to be local. I also realize now that super/subscript and strikethrough are available on the app, but I didn't know it, because there's no UI button. I suspect that's the case with headings as well. Why? Surely it's not a big job to put a couple UI elements into the toolbar that
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