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  1. Not for me :-( Firtefox still won't let me download Webclipper, saying it is unsigned. - Justin
  2. I think the problem is that Firefox now requires add-ons to be "signed" and apparently Evernote Webclipper (and LastPass, even more frustratingly) are not signed: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/Distribution Grrrr!!! - Justin
  3. It doesn't work if you try to use "Share" in an open note. The note needs to be closed; long-press the relevant note in the list of notes (notebook list, ideally); click "Share", then "Post a link"; one of the options should be "TouchANote", which is what you want. Hope this helps! - Justin
  4. Many thanks, Mortica - that has solved my problem, and I am now a very happy user! - Justin
  5. Well, I took the plunge and downloaded and installed the APK file. Trouble is, when I select a note and choose "Share", I only have the option to share the note with individuals in my contact list - not an option to "share" it with TapANote/TouchANote. Can anyone work out what I might be doing wrong? - Justin
  6. Just a post to bemoan the loss, as a result of the recent upgrade, to display notes sorted by title in snippet view. Before the upgrade, this was possible - and the way I organised and easily flicked through my upcoming meetings. By having a note for each meeting and starting the note title with the date in reverse order - 2014-09-19 - and adding a graphic to identify the type of meeting (a cartoon of a lecturer for seminars, for instance), I was able to access a chronological list of meetings notes but easily scroll to the one I was looking for. Now that is no more. I have asked for it to be re-introduced, and now wait hopefully. - Justin
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