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  1. I recently found out that Evernote saves data on my Android device's internal memory. This is mentioned in How is Evernote data stored on my Android device?: It is taking up so much space and now I want to uninstall it from my device. However there seem to be few notes that are still being clipped (*1) or unsynchronized (*2). I am afraid of losing them if I uninstall my app since the notes are in progress. I was lucky to find these old notes to begin with. So here are my questions: How can I search for clipping in progress notes How can I search for unsynchronized notes (synchronization or upload in process notes) These notes are from 3 years ago and I wonder how can I force them to finalize clipping or synchronizing (I keep on pressing the "Sync" button with no luck even though my device is connected to the WiFi) For your information, my Evernote app version on my Android device is v8.13.3. *1 Clipping in Progress *2 Unsynchronized notes (synchronization or upload in process notes)
  2. When opening (clicking) internal note link, have an option to open a new window. It would be nice to have it just like "Tool > Option > Note > Open New Note in its Own Window" option but instead "Open Internal Note Linked Note on its Own Window"
  3. This is frustrating. They should keep the tab character as is or better yet ... let the user decide what they want to do with tabs. Here is an example from: Visual Studio Code (> User Guide > Basic Editing > Indentation).
  4. Regardless of the sort order (by title, by created date, ...), there are certain notes that I want it to appear at the top of the list. So for every notebook, I want to pin (e.g. like pinning in Microsoft Start menu) few notes so they appear at the top when there are no search terms.
  5. Thanks both (PinkElephant & gazumped) but all the same with Microsoft Edge 😭 (and I am writing this post from Microsoft Edge). Oh well. I guess I am not the chosen one. Windows 10 Pro (same machine as before) Microsoft Edge browser [86.0.622.38 (Official Build) (64 bit)] URL that I use for posting: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/53-evernote-general-discussions/?do=add (same url as before)
  6. Here are the info you've requested: Windows 10 Pro Google Chrome browser [85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64 bit)] URL that I use for posting: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/53-evernote-general-discussions/?do=add Sorry for not being specific in my previous reply below (I fixed the original reply for clarification):
  7. Thanks for your reply @PinkElephant. I do not know if it is due to where I am placing my posts or my Google Chrome browser [85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64 bit)] ...but I do not see the menu. This is what I see.
  8. In Evernote Forum posts, how could I add tags like the ones shown below in red circle.
  9. For my Evernote for Windows [ (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)], merged notes get trashed into "Trash" by default without the need to check "Keep copy of original notes" checkbox as mentioned in the link. However, there are times when you do clean out the trash (purge the original unmerged notes) but realize later that you want to unmerge. So I think there should be an option for unmerging a merged notes.
  10. I would love this feature as well, if it hasn't been implemented yet. I am glad @cervidae wrote about it and I have to agree. Furthermore, it had an option for automatically creating a "Table of Content" (TOC). For example, with a hit of a TOC button, it would look at merged note headers and automatically created the TOC. It would then place the created TOC at the top of the note like so:
  11. Ooops. I realized that this question has been answered before below and I checked that it worked. Navigate backward shortcut button Could not find it in official site in English but found these: How to Customize Your Evernote Toolbar in Windows Evernote のこんな機能、知ってますか?(ランダム 10 選) 2. ツールバーを自分仕様にカスタマイズ (Windows/Mac) Bring back theBACK and FORWARD note navigation
  12. I have created an internal note link and I have kind of created a chained link like so. Note1 ---> Note2 ---> Note3 ---> Note4 When I click the created internal link on a Evernote for Windows, it moves to the linked note. However it would be nice to move back or move forward like in a browse through viewed history like the button circled in red. It can be placed in the tool bar beside the "Sync" button like so: Also 1) it does not have to be limited between internal links but history of viewed notes 2) if you pop the note to a different window, then the popped window (note) can contain the move back and move forward button
  13. Now it is more clear Master. Thank you (I guess if I was truly fallen to the darkside ... I wouldn't say "Thank you" but "Yes Master" 😁). I just wish Evernote highlighted it if the search term was shown (like in red circle below) but I understand and it is also hard to highlight things if it was hidden. I also noticed that for Evernote, the pdf filename is shown during loading (on the left hand side of the red circled area) and once finished loading changes to title of the PDF (if it has one) like below. I thought it was interesting so I mentioned it. This would be hard to highlight since the thing shown changes in the midst.
  14. @gazumped, thank you for the comments. I understand now that there are things that is not shown but it is embedded. Like you said, I viewed the "Project Jupyter Home.enex" with a text editor and "ipynb" was there like in your replied image. This was unexpected since I did look at the source code of "Project Jupyter | Home". Not too important but I did not understand the following Master 😅 ... dropdown on the note "frame"?
  15. gazumped, it will be interesting how it is done, especially how to transfer the information to spreadsheet (Excel) so you can use advanced sorting features and then transfer back the info to Evernote so it can be deleted. I am also interested in other thing mentioned below (IFTTT, Zapier): If you do write an article, then I will most certainly read it ... however you have convinced me with Evernote Clean Up: Should I clean up my act in Evernote? 😄. You have turned me into the dark side 😆 .
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