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  1. Now I’ve received an email from Evernote saying that my “complimentary” (it’s not complimentary - I pay for it) Plus subscription is due to expire in 7 days and I need to renew it to avoid reverting to Basic...??? I certainly hope this will not be the case I’ve already seen the iTunes renewal go through for Plus. Why am I receiving these emails? They don’t make any sense!!! Any help?
  2. Hi - hoping someone can help me with this. I am an Evernote Plus user. Today I received an email from Evernote (No-Reply email address) to say that I have a duplicate account and to avoid paying twice I should cancel my Plus Account because the Premium account covers all of those features. I did not request a Premium Account. The email only advises me to cancel Plus in order to avoid duplication and does not tell me how I can cancel the Premium. Unfortunately, the options on the “Support” link continually filter me away from contacting anyone at Evernote that might be
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