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  1. Now I’ve received an email from Evernote saying that my “complimentary” (it’s not complimentary - I pay for it) Plus subscription is due to expire in 7 days and I need to renew it to avoid reverting to Basic...??? I certainly hope this will not be the case I’ve already seen the iTunes renewal go through for Plus. Why am I receiving these emails? They don’t make any sense!!! Any help?
  2. Hi - hoping someone can help me with this. I am an Evernote Plus user. Today I received an email from Evernote (No-Reply email address) to say that I have a duplicate account and to avoid paying twice I should cancel my Plus Account because the Premium account covers all of those features. I did not request a Premium Account. The email only advises me to cancel Plus in order to avoid duplication and does not tell me how I can cancel the Premium. Unfortunately, the options on the “Support” link continually filter me away from contacting anyone at Evernote that might be able to clarify why I’ve received this message and instead point me either to iTunes (from whom the email did not come) or to this forum! Any help gratefully received! I’ve checked my subscription and iTunes details and there is no mention of Premium being selected. I recently had confirmation of my annual Plus subscription renewing legitimately. Confused.
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