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  1. Hi Evernote, why not when user enter keywords into master search, the pop up search suggestions will have 0 - 9 , symbols and a - z numbers and alphabets as index no. next to each search suggestion, so user only need to tap the index no. e.g. 8 to enter the search suggestion to execute the search. This will eliminate moving finger onto trackpad or mice to move mice pointer to squint to click on the correct search suggestion in the pop up list. Sometimes clicked wrongly. Please feedback to management.
  2. Respectfully, why not in one thousand years time delegate a project to max your salary increase to max charity donations to orphans to so when user share a youtube video clip to Evernote they can also optionally save the youtube video transcript as digital text in the same note below the youtube player window in Evernote?
  3. Why not update Evernote app document scanner, so when scanning documents, app auto read page no. if the current scanned document is out of sequence of page number with previous scan, app pop up notify user to reduce error rates
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