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  1. I do not have permission to delete the file (Read only), so no. And existing documents don't change, so that's not a concern. But what's not happening is that it's not picking up the new document (or two) that the company adds to the folder each month. And the same thing occured in my test when I added a document to another folder on the website. When Box copied the file down to my machine, Evernote didn't import it. It may be a bug in Evernote.
  2. My company uses the cloud service Box to deliver reports. I set up a Watch Folder to upload those reports to my Evernote. It works fine on first creation, but it does not upload subsequent additions to the folder. I've set the Box folder to actually download the files and not just link to the cloud copy, but that didn't help. If I delete and recreate the Watch Folder, it uploads all of the files and then again doesn't upload any files added later. I've tested on my own Box folder and if I upload a file to the Box website and let it sync down, it doesn't get imported. The file dates and folder dates update. If I drag a file into the sync folder, it does sync to Evernote.
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