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  1. Hey, thanks, gustavgi, that has indeed solved my problem. I did not know that was a setting I could change. I did look in options but didn't realise it was a right-click menu option. THANKS!
  2. How do I go about acquiring an earlier install so I can revert my installation of Evernote back? The Downloads link only seems to offer up the latest build.
  3. I just upgraded to the new v6.06 release of Evernote for Windows and I am horrified that you've moved the Shortcuts bar from the left-hand column to a horizontal toolbar! WHY!?!?!?! It no longer fits everything in, note names don't full display, and I can't restore it. I used to order items on the left hand column, had plenty of vertical and horizontal space. It was MUCH better the way it was. I don't often come in here to complain but I am IMMEDIATELY driven to voice my frustration at this seemingly innocuous change which is really, Really bothering me. I haven't even looked any deeper than this change yet.
  4. Thanks chaps, the reinstall Evernote suggestion fixed the Windows Outlook2016 add-in for me. After upgrading to Outlook2016 a while back I had no "Save to Evernote" button on the ribbon. I finally got fed up enough to go find out what was wrong (leading me to this useful thread). I looked in the Manage COM Add-Ins and Outlook was telling me that the Evernote plugin was taking forever to start (it was on something like 2979 seconds when I looked!). So I fully quit Outlook and Evernote, UNinstalled Evernote, REinstalled Evernote (v5.9.6) and restarted Outlook. Didn't need to reboot. My Evernote button in Outlook is back. FWIW I had just been using the Evernote auto-update installer so I was already on the latest v5.9.6 version, it just hadn't fixed the Outlook add-in after upgrading Outlook from 2013 to 2016, until I fully REinstalled Evernote. HTH somebody. So glad I finally got that fixed. Really incredibly useful feature. Just wish it was possible on OSX Outlook2016 (I had to use an Automation script to support it here, and while it works well it isn't quite a smooth as the Windows version).
  5. This highly useful script broke for me a few months ago, I think perhaps after an Evernote upgrade. Something about something not being recognised - I never noted down the error. Finally got around to checking to see if there was an update and discovered that the author updated it just a few days ago. Not sure where the problem lay but either way it's fixed and I've been able to catch up with a backlog of mailbox -> Evernote cleaning. http://veritrope.com/code/outlook-2011-to-evernote/
  6. A hot scoop just in from Veritrope himself... I just tested this out, having not exactly gandered the script for myself! Changing the default OFF to ON pops up a little dialog box when you next run the script. This lets you type in multiple tags before selecting a notebook. This is very close to what I had before moving to Mac-land. Link to the script is in the first post for those that haven't tried it out. It's very easy to install and use. Thanks to Justin for the tweet. Very helpful indeed.
  7. I had a search and I see this gets a few mentions. I was curious why there is no Add to Evernote option in Outlook 2011 for Mac like there is in Outlook 2010 for Windows? Is it a limitation of the Mac version of Outlook, lack of development resources, low uptake or something else? I use the Outlook plugin for Windows all the time at work as it lets me set notebook and tags as I'm adding the note to Evernote. I used to use the Thunderbird plugin for Windows at home for the exact same reasons, I added the extra information at the time I archived the email to Evernote. A while back support for this was dropped, much to my frustration as the alternatives at the time were poor. I even reverted my Thunderbird to an old version to continue using it. Nowadays I'm on a Mac and tending to use Outlook 2011 for Mac. I've installed the useful Veritrope Applescript which gets the job done by adding, silently, entire emails to the default notebook in my Evernote. I then have to flip over to Evernote to update it with additional data. This doesn't sound too big a job but it has changed my workflow. As a consequence of this two-step process my Inbox (previously a pristine ToDo list really) is building up with stuff because I don't think the script plus the swap to Evernote is as quick and efficient as the alternatives I use on other platforms. I really like the popup dialog at the time I'm adding to Evernote. Is there any way to achieve this for Mac?
  8. I too wish to move my Evernote database to another location. On Windows I keep my Evernote within a Truecrypt container. I wish to do the same on Mac. I read the symbolic link suggestion and may well try that out, but I'm puzzled why this isn't supported. I want to add some additional security around my Evernote, I can do it on Windows, why not Mac?
  9. I too store my Evernote database in a Truecrypt container on ALL the PCs on which I have Evernote installed. If anybody accesses that computer or steals my equipment then they don't get ready access to my data. I even have my Dropbox within my Truecrypt container. I start Truecrypt then once I've mounted the container as a drive I fire up Evernote and Dropbox which are both configured to access their files inside my Truecrypt container. Takes a bit longer to get things going but it blocks against casual access quite satisfactorily I think. I don't store sensitive information in either Evernote or Dropbox, I just want to protect it against physical access to the computer.
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