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  1. this is a terrible "solution". "core app doesn't work as it should, use the website".
  2. The new version is the largest leap backwards in any app release i've ever seen. Mao Ze Dong's "Great Leap Forward" was more beneficial than this, and we all know how that really worked out.
  3. So, inline code is one of the things that v. 10 did CORRECT! Bravo to them for that. However, the font is way to large, it would be nice if it used the same font/size as the normal code block.
  4. The new version is ending up to be a MAJOR disappointment.
  5. I'm a bit appalled with recent update.... As stated in the title, the whole line will be indented, whether the text is before or after the cursor. In previous version only text after the cursor will be indented.
  6. I recently updated to the newest version with complete redesign. No long able to format text within code blocks....The format bar is blanked out when within a code-block. Additionally it seems i've LOST all previous formatting done in my old notes, which is extremely frustrating.
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