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  1. Well, I'll be. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it (same version), and it immediately downloaded the notes from the web. " "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." For some of us, Evernote is sufficiently advanced, I guess! Thanks for all your help.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but there is no difference in my IDs from when I had Evernote on before. The only difference is that I uninstalled and reinstalled it. (I had to send my computer off for a simple repair and didn't want to send my notes too.) Can anyone suggest how to get the notes off the web and onto my PC?
  3. Do you mean log into the web Evernote? I am. I've only ever had one account.
  4. I had to uninstall Evernote from my PC. I have reinstalled it, but it does not sync with the web. Do I need to tell the local version where the web version is? How do I do that? If not, how do I get the local version to find the web version? Please note that my PC is listed as a recognized device in my account online.
  5. I removed Evernote from my PC to send it to for repair. When I reinstalled Evernote, it has no memory of my old notes. I thought I saved the notes by saving My Evernote Files, but, darn, if it that file isn't empty! I also have Evernote on my laptop and on my phone, and both have all my notes. Interestingly, when I log into Evernote online, it does not have my notes. How do I move my notes from one of those devices to my PC?
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