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  1. Thanks again for taking the time on this. So to be sure I've got this right: I can put all my "personal albeit business" notes and notebooks in 1 space and no-one else will be able to see them and then all the shared notes and notebooks in another space which no-one else can see until I share them? A quick follow-up - can I have different sharing permissions within a single space? So 1 notebook in Space A is shared with Chris and Lucy (say), another notebook in Space A is only shared by me with Lucy and a third notebook also in Space A is private to me? Appreciate your time on this,
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply in such detail on this. I guess it depends on how you use Evernote. For us we have always used it to take notes etc because it did that very very well. We then had the business tab for shared notes and the personal tab still for business issues but not shared. So, for me as CEO, I have all my notes of meetings with individual employees on my personal tab. Meanwhile for shared meeting agendas and notes we have that on the business tab. I meanwhile have a premium personal account which I use extensively and which I access with my only other email account. We have looked at Spaces but it just did not work for us. I get that our version may be old. I also accept that potentially I am attaching insufficient value to the data ownership/security side of things and it is of course for Evernote to do what it likes with its platform. Stepping back from the detail though, all we want, as the paying customer, is somewhere to take notes and I am not keen at all to divert considerable time to sorting things out for Evernote whilst paying for the privilege let alone having to create and manage new email accounts for Evernote's sake. The beauty of evernote was always that it did something, ostensibly simple, very very well. Is that still the case? Anyway, already spent enough time on this one! It may be we are simply older customers not aligned with the new platform - all good.
  3. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035799034 At the moment business users get a "business" tab with notebooks and notes and a separate, but within the same screen, "personal" tab again with notebooks and notes. The plan is to separate them out into separate accounts with separate emails. It is a real shame as I think this is the nudge my work colleagues were looking for to transition to Onenote.
  4. I may be missing something but am I the only one concerned about the Evernote plan to split business personal and business tabs into separate workbooks requiring separate emails? As a business owner, I do not want employees storing business information separately under different email accounts. Meanwhile I currently use the business section to share information with other employees and the personal tab for my personal notes about business issues - and find it very useful to switch between the two. As an individual, my only other email is personal which I use for my personal evernote premium account. I do not want yet another email address. I really like evernote and am resisting pressure to use Onenote across the business as that is provided for free within our 365 subscription. If Evernote is making things more difficult though then maybe now is the time to grasp the nettle and move over. Am I missing something?
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