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  1. Ah, I see. I tried making similar line for modification date, but that does not work. Do I need to handle this differently? Seems like it's not a parameter that can be passed when creating a note like, tell application "Evernote" to create note from file newFile created createDate modification date modificationDate
  2. Hmm.. I got the script working at first, but saw I need to handle the created date of the file I'm trying to import. So I added the creation date, but now nothing happens. The script doesn't process the file anymore. Haven't done anything in Applescript, so not sure what could be wrong or how to properly debug such script. on adding folder items to thisFolder after receiving newFiles delay 5 repeat with newFile in newFiles set createDate to creation date of newFile tell application "Evernote" to create note from file newFile created createDate tell application "Finder" to delete (newFile) end repeat end adding folder items to
  3. Thanks for the input! I'm not sure if I'm missing something or you're are thinking I want to import files as attachments. I'm looking to migrate notes into Evernote. I'm on a Mac. If I drag 'n drop the note-files into Evernote it will create a new note with the content of the note-file I dropped. Thus, giving the new note in Evernote the creation date of today. I want to have the note-file's creation date I drop/import into Evernote be preserved. Is this possible? Otherwise the scenario is that if I migrate my 2000 notes from e.g. Bear app into Evernote all of them will have the creation date of today even though my notes span several years.
  4. That's great to know. I'm looking to import from other note apps. So files would probably be markdown, txt, doc or pdf. Anyway to convert to the format you're talking about?
  5. Hi, How do I import notes while preserving the creation date?
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