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  1. Same happened to me, quit working earlier this week, spent several hours trying to figure it out, got their email today. What a pain. Automatic uploading to Dropbox was the only reason I bought the card... and that has never worked. Evernote was a good second choice... and that now doesn't work. What a waste of money.
  2. Hi Evernoters, I've been using OpenMeta tags to organize files for a few years, so figuring out how to automate importing those files with tags intact was a big prerequisite to starting to use Evernote as my primary file bucket. I adapted a few scripts I found here in addition to the OpenMeta CLI and Noodlesoft's Hazel and came up with a system that works pretty well. If you're interested, I made a post explaining the process here: http://www.n8henrie.com/2012/06/converting-openmeta-tags-to-evernote.html It took me a few days to get working correctly, so I figured I should share and perhaps save some of you a bit of time and effort if you're looking to accomplish the same.
  3. I detest that red circle! My way for using Evernote involved cleaning out my inbox on a near-daily basis, and that circle drives me nuts! Please give us an option to turn it off!
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