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  1. My wife brought up a good point that I would have completely overlooked - and I think people should keep in mind: The legal system (at least in the U.S.) has not kept up with technology. These companies that want you to go to paperless statements are essentially getting around a legal paper trail. What is the legal position of delivering an electronic letter or bill with false information designed to obtain money from you illegally? What is the legal position of delivering that same false information via the USPS? We all know what the answer to the second question is - it's called mail fraud - and it's a felony. If you get into some sort of legal problem with, say, a home owner's association - or even the cable company - a wise piece of advice would be to not only scan, but also hang on the the physical bill as well as the envelope it came in - because it has the post office's mark showing the date of mailing, which can be a vital piece of information in a legal case. To me, this seems horrific - hanging on to slips of paper - but I would compromise and hang on to them for a year, then chuck it. I'm no lawyer, and maybe recent changes to the law have made this concern of mine irrelevant, but I've been acting as though our legal system is still stuck in the 1980s
  2. wishing EN had image rotate built in. Receipts show up normal in all photo editing tools, but sideways in Evernote. Frustrating.

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