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  1. Ah, got it to work, The trick is to simply 'save', not 'save as'. But saving it made Evernote do a 'not responding' for about 2 minutes before the newly-cropped picture appeared in the note. additional pictures worked much faster after that.
  2. I seem to have a lot of trouble with editing photos in Evernote. I want to open a photo, crop it, and resize it. I have Irfanview, which I can open the picture with, but when I go to save it, it wants me to put it into a folder. Is there a free program that will edit Evernote photos, then save back to the note itself? As an aside, I think it would be nice for EN to have a more robust photo editor built in to the desktop version of Evernote - maybe Skitch for PC or something.
  3. I just saved a few extra Megabytes on my phone, which I'm constantly running out of space on. So, I had this app called Keyring that scanned my loyalty/reward cards from all the stores. It has a coupon feature, which I never use, so I wanted to get all my scanned barcodes exported and delete the 5 Mb app. Step 1: install a screen capture app. I installed screenshot for Android and it works well. Step 2: run the screen capture app, and open your loyalty card scanning app. Allow the screen capture tool to take the snapshot of the screen with the barcode. It should save it as a nice compact file - under 40 kb. Repeat until you've got them all. Step 3: transfer all your screen shots to your evernote account. I transferred them individually instead of together to cut down on load time when I'm in a store. I tagged them 'barcodes' and stuck them in the folder 'Store Cards'. Step 4: delete the loyalty card scanning app (keyring in my case) and the screen capture app. Now you should have a bit more space on your phone. If this is not your style, with Keyring, you can download again and log in, and all your reward barcodes will download, so you've got nothing to lose. Using this method is nice because the images that get created are going to be a lot smaller than taking a photo of every barcode and should alleviate download time when you're getting close to the register or are in a spotty reception area.
  4. Half my photos are sideways. I would love this feature for not only the mobile version, but also the desktop version. Even If I click on the photos and bring up a 3rd party application, it never seems to save it back into the note. For the desktop app, it always wants to put it on the hard drive somewhere. What I end up doing is opening the photos in IrfanView or Picasa, then rotating it, then saving it to the desktop. Then I go into the note, delete the original picture, then copy the modified picture to the same note. That's a real pain. A simple 'rotate' button would make it a lot easier to deal with the huge number of photos I have.
  5. My wife brought up a good point that I would have completely overlooked - and I think people should keep in mind: The legal system (at least in the U.S.) has not kept up with technology. These companies that want you to go to paperless statements are essentially getting around a legal paper trail. What is the legal position of delivering an electronic letter or bill with false information designed to obtain money from you illegally? What is the legal position of delivering that same false information via the USPS? We all know what the answer to the second question is - it's called mail fraud - and it's a felony. If you get into some sort of legal problem with, say, a home owner's association - or even the cable company - a wise piece of advice would be to not only scan, but also hang on the the physical bill as well as the envelope it came in - because it has the post office's mark showing the date of mailing, which can be a vital piece of information in a legal case. To me, this seems horrific - hanging on to slips of paper - but I would compromise and hang on to them for a year, then chuck it. I'm no lawyer, and maybe recent changes to the law have made this concern of mine irrelevant, but I've been acting as though our legal system is still stuck in the 1980s
  6. wishing EN had image rotate built in. Receipts show up normal in all photo editing tools, but sideways in Evernote. Frustrating.

  7. Firstly - Embedded viewing of MS office and OpenOffice Files for Windows Desktop version of Evernote. Secondly, I would also love to see a more 'fluid' arrangement capability for each note - like a graphical workspace. Similar to working with objects in prezi (www.prezi.com). It allows smooth placement capability for objects, as well as snap-mode. You could even add some power-point-like features - arrows, lines, connectors. It'd be great to add zoom feature like prezi has. I imagine something like that would be incredible on a tablet device.
  8. I would like to see the drag and drop feature allow the option to copy files separately. Right now, they group them together into a single note. I usually have many files in a folder that I want to copy, but they are all different. The only way around this is to have Evernote monitor a directory. It will then move files individually. I don't want to do this every time I find or create a new folder.
  9. I'm a guy, and I am not exactly good about describing how I want my hair cut. One day I went in to get my hair cut, asked the lady to 'just make it nice and business-like'. I got a great hair cut, so I had her take three pictures - front, side and back. I also added text about the clipper - apparently I use a #5 clipper. Now I go in to the place and say 'give me this' and I show the photos and text.
  10. My wife organized the pull-out spice rack - we cook a lot and we have two levels of spice racks that pull out and lower down. 8 rows in all. She like things a certain way - separated by: frequently used items on the lower level, alphabetized. Then lesser used items on the top pull out rack, also alphabetized. I can never keep it straight. So, I stood on the kitchen chair and got out my 8+ mega pixel camera and snapped photos of both shelves. Now, I know, and knowing is half the battle - at least in the kitchen.
  11. I would like each note to have an optional column on the right that you can see all the attachments - with filenames. Right now they all get mixed into the note - some of which are PDFs where the filename cannot be seen. There are many times where I have lots of files that really need to be in a certain order. A right column with all the attachments would be nice - maybe allow the user to sort the attachments up and down.
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