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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunatelyl it is not obvious as to how to do this. Could you please give us some detailed instructions? Thanks. http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/index_files ... d-time.php
  2. The people telling me to try another piece of software or to do anything to my operating system, you're missing the point. The more complete Evernote is as a product, the faster and more virally it's going to spread across industries and nations. I do appreciate the note about services in Mac, because that's useful otherwise, but I'm a bit annoyed at the tone of the people telling me to do other stuff when I'm merely asking that Evernote add an additional feature which I would use quite often. Something like CMD+T inside of Evernote would be ideal. Part of my use for Evernote is that I track development of ideas and patents I am working on. I would like to be able to draw trends from the date and time data -- my best ideas occur when. There is other data I would like to add in the future. Eventually I will find the best possible time and conditions to work in and under, and thus I will be able to bring these things to fruition all the quicker.
  3. Mac. I just posted again about this, having forgotten that I'd posted before.
  4. Hello again, Another request: I would like to be able to tag a group of notes at once, instead of tagging them individually. If this is already possible, please advise. If not, please institute. And please never sell out to Google or Apple. Remember that cool thing called EtherPad? Yeah, Google friggin' bought that up, made "Google Wave" with some of its tech., and what do you hear of Google Wave these days? So please never sell your company to a bigger company. I believe you are providing an innovative and vital service to computer users everywhere. Thank you. Paul
  5. Unless it's already possible, I would like to be able to tag a group of notes at once; the tag bar disappears when selecting multiple notes.
  6. Subject says it all. Available in most text editors etc. Would be nice if available in Evernote as well. Thanks. If it is available, please do advise. Gladly accept a month's extension on my account if my feedback is found useful, of course.
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