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  1. 我是用 Safari ,這方法解決了我的問題: 去 evernote 網頁版,登入時選擇記住我三十天,應該就可解決這問題。
  2. It happened to me too. But my case is slightly different. Two months ago, I used offline notes on my iPad and found that my notes didn't sync with my desktop version after my premium account expired. ( I still don't know if it happened because my account expired.) And the mighty "tap to edit" feature of iOS version made me occasionally edit the old notes on the iPad and sync over my desktop version. I was outraged because those notes took me hours. And I had no choice but to continue my premium account earlier to get my notes back while I had no other urgent need to continued my account at tha
  3. This is a user forum, and discussion is up to the users to direct -- so participate, or not, as you choose. But just so you know: Evernote staffers do read everything posted in these forums, as best I can tell. They sometimes comment, but not always. It's clear that they know about the desire for adding arbitrary notebook nesting, semantic tag trees, and the like, and have thought about it, but haven't done it yet, if they ever will. I like to discuss, but not in this way. Base on some misunderstanding and almost had a quarrel. That's not what I want to do.
  4. Or....if users want to see the "official" replies from EN, THEY can just search the board, just like GM did... But...they usually don't. Searching and reading takes a lot of time (especially for people who doesn't use English as their first language, like I.). I searched, but I didn't see what GM post.(Maybe it's because I search with keyword " hierarchical" ) So I misunderstood and got upset when you say hierarchical stacks are not gonna happen. If I see that post, I will directly ask evernote to improve their hierarchical tags. And waste no time on "discussion" of good and bad of tags and
  5. I I don't quite familiar with Pinyin, which is the most used in mainland China. We were taught to use ZhuYin in Taiwan. It's an antique that were used in China before 1949. You can look it up here. I know Pinyin but I type faster with ZhuYin for I still have to "think" while typing with Pinyin. The ZhuYin on iOS is very problematic. For example, I want to type the two character word "海浪". With PinYin, I need to type "Hai lan", or only "HL" then choose from words. With ZhuYin on Android, I can type "ㄏㄞㄌㄤ"( without tonal marks and the system will choose the word for me) or only "ㄏㄌ" then choos
  6. Yes, I know. So I'm still using evernote. I download Epistle and haven't sync it to my dropbox. Just keep it and wait to see how far it can go. As to iOS apps, some of its best can be export to evernote too, so I don't quite use its feature to export to dropbox. And I don't take my notes on iPad often, its Traditional Chinese keyboard is terribly awful compare to android's. And its sandbox has too much limitation in doing things. (Like you can't edit images in Evernote directly by Skitch in iOS while you can do that in android. ) I just want to say dropbox has a potential for note-taking apps.
  7. I agree. IMO, stacks were the answer to sub-notebooks. ... Or it could be as simple as priorities... We just don't know. In the end, speculation by any of us is futile. EN is what it is & they don't post roadmaps or ETAs. So deal with it or find another app. Simple as that. I'm going to continue asking for hierarchical folders just the same. IME tags don't work for me. I don't fear change and I'm smart enough to understand tags. They just don't work for what I do. I also think if EN thinks the way you suggest they never should have introduced stacks (or even multiple notebooks fo
  8. IME tags definitely serve the purpose. People are just reluctant to change. (Just like my mom never adapted to cooking fresh green beans in a microwave & continued to cook them to death on the stove.) Or it could be as simple as priorities... We just don't know. In the end, speculation by any of us is futile. EN is what it is & they don't post roadmaps or ETAs. So deal with it or find another app. Simple as that. I don't know if you guys have cognitive dissonance or not. We tried to make it very clear: We ( who use hierarchical system ) are aware that multiple notebook levels ar
  9. Thanks for reminding. I want to give the parent tag to the notes with child tag, not only when the tag move occurs. And remove the old parent tag when new parent tag is given. If I want to keep old parent tag, I can add it manually. This will have the advantages of both hierarchical system and tag. It will allow hierarchy with nested tags (vertical ) and allow horizontal link of notes with single tag. Try the web app named "Workflowy" and you will understand my concept.
  10. I have another request for auto tagging. For example, when I have Note A, B, C with tag 1, and I move the tag 1 under tag 2 as tag 2's sub-tag. I hope evernote will auto-tag the note A, B, C with tag 2. This will help a lot when sorting the tags.
  11. Thanks, @shawnholt. In fact, although I prefer hierarchical system, I'm quite adapted with current EN with my workaround. I think a little enhancement of EN will solve most of problems out. I'm fond of @JMichael's idea: 1. Combination of hierarchical organization and cross-cutting tags. ( I'm using index notes with note links as the hierarchical organization tool to do so.) 2. To make search engine to include child tags. ( or auto-tag with "mother tags" when move a tag to be a child tag). @jbenson2's workaround isn't very useful. Because it's hard to remember the whole hierarchical system wh
  12. I gave different examples. I don't understand your concept of "mixing several hierarchical systems". Nor do I understand your statement "then I use hierarchical system to see what's relative". The more data you have, the more places you have to dig around to find the data. And you've pretty much agreed with that when you say you use a search box to find what you need. Unless you dump them into one big folder/notebook & use tags to find the data. Oh wait, that's what Evernote's all about! Sorry, English is not my first language, so I couldn't express my thoughts very well. But I'll t
  13. The reality is that the more data you have, the less efficient a strict hierarchical system becomes. I learned this before even using Evernote b/c I have so much data spread across so many hard drives. I was often having to look through a few Windows folders in order to find a file. I finally started using Locate32 which allows me to quickly find a file, regardless which drive & folder it's in. A simple example is images/photos. If I'm looking for a photo of Uncle Joe in San Diego, is it in the "family" folder? Or the "San Diego vacation 1999" folder? Or the "San Diego vacation 199
  14. A hierarchical foundation is not necessary to present a file system to the user. There's no theoretical or mathematical reason why hierarchies are the sole best organizing scheme for content, or that their use is required. That being said, hierarchy is a useful tool in the organizing toolbox, and it's all the more important because it's familiar (then again, Kim Kardashian seems to be famous because she's famous -- go figure). Bottom line for me is that tags theoretically have the power to express hierarchies, but not the converse. It's one of the reasons that I prefer tagged organization. The
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