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  1. 我是用 Safari ,這方法解決了我的問題: 去 evernote 網頁版,登入時選擇記住我三十天,應該就可解決這問題。
  2. Weird, right? Even if my chubby palms hit the trackpad area, it wouldn't produce that, so it was kind of a surprise. It only happened once. I haven't had it downloaded very long, so not many opportunities to produce it, though. I'll keep an eye on it. It happened several times on my mba 2011 with mountain lion. But it's on evernote 5.04. And evernote hang after the new window open. I forgot to report.
  3. Bug report: Sometimes hot keys of indent and outdent didn't work properly. When it happens, the situation is : Hot key of outdent doesn't work. And hot key of indent works but it indent too much... It aligns text to the right.
  4. Back/forward is back on individual note windows ( with hot keys ), thanks.
  5. I'm glad you specifically asked for comments on the new Related Notes feature. It seems cool, and although I don't see that much use for it now, maybe the more I use it the more I will value it. BUT, really, it is NOT something that I urgently need. It certainly is not anywhere close to as important or useful as a Vertical List view, which has been requested for YEARS by a multitude of users. I really don't understand why you guys continue to come up nice, but not that useful, features and UI when there is such a long list of feature requests by many, many users. I'm talking about features that have many, many requests. In contrast with JMichal, the related notes are very useful to me. Thanks a lot, Jack. I use my Evernote as my wikipedia. And I didn't make note links between all related notes. After two hours of use, I can say I love this new feature. It reminds me a lot information I would not notice before. It's wonderful.
  6. Please add back/forward back on individual note windows. I use them more on individual windows then main windows, and there must be some people like me.
  7. You can follow GrumpyMonkey's guide to delete your old Evernote and reinstall.
  8. Same problem too. No responding, even wait for 2 hours MacBook Air 2011 with mountain lion.
  9. It was said partly in jest, because we are both edge cases, and our desire for stuff like batch editing is, as you say, simply more noticeable. I am agreeing with you, but also suggesting that the current approach is understandable, even if it has some unpleasant effects on heavy users of the service. If you were designing the app with someone who only has five notes (I know of people that just have one and keep dumping stuff into it), I think batch editing, navigation buttons, list view, etc. would not be high on your list. My point was that the app works fine right now for certain use cases, certain account sizes, etc., but doesn't scale up very well. I also wanted to stress that this is not a limit of the device, but a limit of the design, as your Mail analogy makes clear. You "can" deal with 5,000 notes with a very simply designed, snappy, powerful, and stable app. If Evernote wants people to stick with the service over the long haul, then they have to include features and options that make it possible for someone with 5 notes to work in their account as easily as someone with 5,000. They also need to account for the fact that a schoolchild and a business professional need some customizability, even if their underlying use case (capture and retrieve information) is similar. The design team have thoughts that I don't quite understand. I know they want the app be more attractive to light users. But some light users eventually become heavy users. And it is heavy users who will pay for premium accounts. But the recent design apparently drive some heavy users away. That's not very reasonable. I think I'm a user between medium and heavy. ( I have only 1900+ notes, all of them are texts or texts with clips from mindmaps and flowcharts. Card view is useless to me. ) I write two or three reading notes a day to help me memorize and slowly building my own wikipedia by adjusting my old notes. I have to say that recent update are USABLE for me, but it SLOWs or INTERRUPTs my workflow a lot. It isn't a big deal but it's very ANNOYing when I have to work for a longer time. If I never use the old versions, I might not be that annoyed. But now I get upset when it occurs to me how convenient old version or other platform is.
  10. you still get more functionality on iOS, but via third party apps. You can use note links, batch edit multiple notes, use URL schemes, do all kinds of stuff etc. Thanks. But I use iPad for reading my notes. I need offline notes but no third party apps support it. And the iOS v5 makes it harder to switch between notes. That is quite annoying for me. Android is my best bet so far.
  11. I use Evernote in my old and cranky Windows more and planning to buy a android tablet after the 5.0 upgrade of Mac and iOS. Fancy UI definitely is not everything. The recent upgrades really make me very frustrated. Bring back all the useful features, please.
  12. Yes, in Mac v5 you add a ton of new features, but you remove two tons of old features too. It makes me not appreciate your new features. And you can't compare Chrome with Evernote, it's different software for different uses. Evernote is for work not for browsing. I need only four main button for browsing, forward/backward, stop, and reload. But in Evernote I need more! And so are others. And their need would not be the same with me. That's why we need custom toolbar. And the situation you mentioned ( http://goo.gl/uDZ0w) won't come true if you allow us to customize ours. And about that "terrible situation" you mentioned is not that terrible to me. Take MS Word for example, it's ugly, but still the best word processing software we can get. I must say that you are on a wrong way. Functions are more important then prettiness for a software. Please!
  13. @jonschlinkert I use Markdown to edit my note then turn them into rich text. MS word, Markdown are the same thing to me. I just copy from them and paste on EN. So I think that adding Markdown support equals to expanding text editor of EN.
  14. Sorry for what I said. I was wrong. They did block a lot of sites so I was given the impression that Evernote was blocked too. XD
  15. As I know, I afraid that Evernote have no choice but to do this in China. Evernote seems to be blocked by China's great firewall. So Evernote has to build another server in China known as yingxiang.
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