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  1. Thanks for the advice! I'm so paranoid that I'm not sure I've EVER emptied the evernote trash, even when deleting recursive imported backup files. Sounds like note history will help me slowly ascertain what's what in a way where maybe I'll be confident enough to empty it sometime in the future lol
  2. Thanks for clarifying! It didn't occur to me before that note history might be a useful feature, I'll definitely give premium a try.
  3. PS: Will upgrading to Evernote premium let me see note history on things created/edited before the upgrade? I just wanted to check that it was retroactive, if so I'll definitely give that a try!
  4. Thank you for responding! I appreciate the help and input a lot. I did log in via Evernote.com, and they're missing from there as well. Previously, the notes were in "Notebook stack [1]," but that's gone from both my connected devices. Fortunately, I have a laptop with a messed up wifi connection which went offline in late June, and when I turned it on and accessed Evernote online, the conflicting changes notebook and notes (41 of them!) were there in the same place as before, which was a relief. Based on the fact that the size of my backup files drops by almost exactly the same size as the saved "conflicting changes" notes from the offline laptop, I'm pretty sure the folder disappeared when I updated evernote last, which I think I've seen at least one other person on a forum thread report as well. I back up notes pretty frequently, so as long as the backup includes the conflicting changes section, I guess I'm safe up to whenever my last backup was. My main issue is knowing which notes in the "imported notes" section were the ones that were in "conflicting changes" previously, but since I'm ultimately intending to merge all the notes together anyway so as not to miss anything, it doesn't matter (as long as they're there!!). Is there any way to tell which notes in the imported folder came from conflicting changes originally? I'm possibly just being super dumb and unable to think of it. Thank you again for responding, and sorry that it took me a while to answer!
  5. I've been using evernote for around five years every day, but only in basic/free form as I haven't ever needed any of the premium features. Over that time, I had acquired a fairly large "conflicting changes" folder due to using the account on both my phone and PC. I've been meaning to merge the files for a long time but haven't due to laziness, thinking that backing up regularly would preserve them. Unfortunately, I've just noticed today that the "conflicting changes" folder and the files in it are now nowhere to be found, and attempting to restore an older backup doesn't seem to help as it puts all of the files in one "imported notes" folder, eliminating my ability to see which were the ones with conflicting changes that I needed to merge together. I've seen a couple of other threads about this topic, but nothing with any obvious resolution. I'm pretty worried as those notes contained things I definitely can't afford to lose if possible, so any help at all would be VERY appreciated. Does anyone else know what to do in this situation or what the problem is? I've had those conflicting changes notes for years, and I was shocked they just seemingly disappeared.
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