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  1. Hi everyone, my #1 features go here: - better tags funcionality - this means: - show tags per notebook (or another solution) to keep the overview of the tag system and have a fast access to tags - 'real' parents (just an idea) - when clicking on the parent the children notes are shown as well - own search field for tags - to assures fast access to tags as well and the main search function can't search for words in a tag when they are not at the beginning - when using "show only allocated tags" (or whatever it is called in the english version): usable ability to get back to the whole tag list without scolling up and down all the time - in general a better use of the left frame/band should be implemented And if tag system can't be improved it may be very useful to have any other organizing system. And links to notes in the EN-database would be nice. Greetings dongo
  2. ..and I would like to see "show only tags of selected notebook"
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