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  1. I use Pocket often to save Animal Crossing custom designs, island inspiration, and video captures I post privately on Facebook. However, my main problem with it was how the titles would show as simply “Facebook“ or something and there wouldn’t be thumbnails, so I would have to click on them individually to see what they were. I decided to try using Evernote for this along with Pocket and I love it so far, but I would love to have pocket and evernote integration. I tried looking at the help articles regarding this on both Pocket and Evernote’s website, but neither gave exact steps and didn’t help (Maybe the integration doesn’t work on Windows)? I wasn’t able to export my pocket list and import it into evernote, or at least I didn’t see it when it asked what I wanted to import. I don’t know if I was doing it right? I heard of IFTTT but I don’t know if I want EVERYTHING to be synced. I want some things to be synced. It would be nice if I could sync certain tags to Evernote. Some applets have settings you can customize but I don’t know how to do that properly. Can anybody help?
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