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  1. Hi there, Since getting an Apple Pencil I’ve now switched over to Penultimate from GoodNotes as I love it’s integration with Evernote. My handwriting isn’t terribly neat but I’m finding that the default pen style in Penultimate just makes my handwriting look terrible. The pen style seems to behave like a felt tip pen. Is it possible to add a rollerball style pen or have a setting where you can choose between felt tip and rollerball?
  2. I knew there were a few more; - Allow a search just within the title field of the notes rather than across all text - Allow use of the default user dictionary on my PC rather than maintaining a seperate one for Evernote - Is there a way to create 2 (or more) columns of text other than introducing a table? I used to like the ability within OneNote to enter text on both sides of the page to avoid scolling up and down all the time - The scroll button on my Thinkpad doesn't work within Evernote. The scroll wheel on my mouse does but not the scroll button built into the Thinkpad. It seems to work with every other app so I'm assuming that's an integration issue with Evernote.
  3. I have a few; Insert date/time action Ability to re-size inserted/clipped pictures. Actually it would be nice to be able to crop them too. Ability to paste copied text without the formatting (text only) or with minimal formatting (bold, font size etc)
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