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  1. Would merging the notes together do what you need? Yes - i think so. I didn't know you could do that > I just looked - SOOO COOL. Now if you could just drag and drop a note onto another note and they would automatically merge that would be awesome. Thanks for the heads up!!
  2. I would love if you could drag notes into notes. For example I have an expense notebook. So let’s say I order a new pair of shoes and I add the receipt to Evernote (1) (generally through a web clip). Then the company I ordered from sends me a tracking number. I then add that to Evernote (2) (generally by email forwarding). And then let’s say I don’t like the shoes and I return them, so the company sends me a return label, which I PDF and add to Evernote (3). Then said company issues me a credit which I email off to my Evernote account (4). AWESOME – I love Evernote because I have this continuous record of the transaction. Now that the transaction is all done, I have 4 notes pertaining to this same shoe purchase. It would be the best thing in the world if I could just drag the three notes into the first note almost like closing a trouble ticket. This way when I do a search all the info is in that one note. Right now there is a lot of cleanup and deleting notes – time consuming. I buy a lot of stuff online ! Thanks!!
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