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  1. I think it would be excellent if sort order could be set individually per notebook. For example, "Recipies" could then be set alphabetically whereas meeting notes could be chronological.
  2. Well, yes in a way 8) Although it is obviously more cumbersome to create a PDF for each document you wish to include in ENote, and then to have the original doc stored somewhere else for future editing...
  3. Do you mean attachments or actually displaying images along with the text? I'm thinking, why not introduce a text object and an image function in the Ink Note type?
  4. Perhaps not a problem if the documents are "printed" into a PDF-like format? That way, any document type could be stored this way (along with the original document as an attachment for future editing)
  5. It would be great if images (object placeholders of some sort) could be inserted together with text. An example or two of uses: Text explaining a diagram, a map and typed directions, notes from a seminar where drawings were made on a board - obviously one would like the drawings kept in ENote together with typed text.
  6. Hi, One feature which I like about OneNote is the ability to insert viewable MS Office documents, much like PDFs are handled in ENote. I believe the documents are "printed" into the note. Such a feature would be great in ENote as the PDF viewer function is great on the road etc when the originating application is not always available (plus, it makes for much quicker viewing of content)
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