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  1. Wrong !!!! There is no "manual saving button" in EN. I have my own website based in a CMS close to wordpress style and I know what you're talking about but it is not the case in EN. Note should sync automatically in EN thus, in my case, with my 200MB fiber internet connexion, I should not be impacted by any performance issue. Since many years, I'm using a bunch of Web Based App for many purposes like Trello or Lucidchart or google doc etc....So here, the issue seems to be in the "Permanent sync" feature? Without a specific diagnostic, it is not something you'd might to hazard a
  2. True !!! But in the case of evernote, why a web based version of evernote has been developed if "writing note for a long period of time is not safe"? Isn't it the main feature of evernote to "retain" what you're writing, whatever you write, whenever you write undependently of the time taken to write it? True !!! But only if the Webapp / Website is not suppose to retain data (like a form for subscribing to an online service or ordering something). Are we talking about Evernote here ? (Sorry, if you think I'm behing sarcastic). Anyway, the thick client might be the best way to
  3. Hey Gazumped, Thank you for your reply. I understand it's a common issue. Working in a local word-processor or spreadsheet didn't make sense yesterday as I was transfering all my notes from my paper book and Trello to "Evernote". I was going to use Evernote with my team but this first experience didn't convince me about the efficiency of this App. If a free version for testing the application is presenting this kind of bug, well, I don't know what to say 🤔
  4. Hello Floks, My first experience with evernote seems to be a nightmare because I've lost approx. 2-3 hours of work. I've created many notes today and everything went well. I did work in one of them during few hours and I clicked in another note to gather some information but when I came back to the first one almost everything disapeared. I'm using the web version with a Free account. Is there a way to retrieve my history? Thank you for your help.
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