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  1. Personally, to me sporadic usage is a couple times a month, as opposed to several times a week. I'm using the online version. I'm on Windows 10. To find the note width settings, if you look in the top right corner you'll see a button with 3 dots ( . . . ). Click on it. You should see an option for Note Width. If you hover over that, you'll get 2 options: Optimize readability or Fit to Window.
  2. I use the "Expand Note" option to focus on my writing. For every single note. But it is tedious to have to go into the Note Width setting and change it to "Optimized readability." I'm not entirely sure why that isn't the default to begin with but it would be great to have a personal settings options to save my preference on the note width. It wouldn't be so bad if I only used Evernote sporadically, but I use it a couple times a week for new notes. Please make this happen!
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