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  1. Just want to add to this thread again to bring some more notice to it but nested notebooks would be so very helpful. Most people have multiple areas of their lives and it would be nice to organize our notes based on those areas. In our daily lives we might have notebooks for different occasions, but I wouldn't carry all of them to every event. I would put my school related notebooks in a backpack, and my work related notebooks at my office desk, my notebooks for doodling would be in a crafts cabinet, etc etc. With the current layout we just aren't able to organize as much as we would be with Microsoft word documents in folders on a computer. Just as an example of how I would use this, if I had this functionality I would organize my notes similarly to this: School Stats Homework Notes Class Notes DatabaseDesign Class Notes Lab Notes Homework Notes Government Class Class Notes Homework Notes Archived School 2020 Spring 2019 Spring Fall 2018 Spring Fall Work Meeting Notes Weekly Team Meeting 8/25/2020 8/17/2020 Software Packaging Training MSI/MST EXE Packaging .Jav Packaging ... This would make evernote so much more productive. I agree that Tags are super handy, but don't completely add this functionality.
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