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  1. @jamiesmithnc Please report this issue via a ticket. That type of thing should never occur, and if there was a service issue or engineers will want to know about it and perhaps ask some follow-up questions.
  2. As mentioned above, users on our Basic service can certainly reach out to us on Twitter for some help. We also appreciate it when people report bugs by posting in these forums and describing the problem they are running into. This helps Evernote improve our service while also helping everyone in the community.
  3. You have two options. Both will cost you more money, but will result in a better experience using the product, especially when we roll out the next version of the service in the coming months. Buy an individual account for you and each employee. Buy Evernote Business for your company - this has many added benefits for small and medium sized business. https://evernote.com/business/
  4. If I told you that some of the Windows code was 14 years old, would you believe me?
  5. I've been a user since 2008, but only an employee since 2010. Nine years of my very important personal data lives in Evernote as well as my Evernote Business data. I trust our Cloud and our Security, but I also use Time Machine to back up my Mac's at home so I do have a bit of local protection for my EN database. What I don't do is export all my notes as ENEX and stash them on a local hard drive on a regular basis, or stuff them into a cloud storage system like Google Drive. There is nothing wrong with being overly safe, but I have not seen the need to go to this extra step. It's weird th
  6. I'm definitely biased, but I've never understood why people trust a third party cloud service to backup the Evernote cloud service, especially now that Evernote is hosted in the Google Cloud. I just don't understand the purpose. You're better off buying Evernote Premium so you have the Note History capability if you ever accidentally delete some data. I literally used Note History 5 minutes ago to retrieve something I mistakenly removed from a note yesterday. Works great! I'm not denigrating anyone's choices, I'm simply perplexed as to the point of the extra effort and cost of creating hard ba
  7. Multiple windows works for me. Double click a note from the note list view. That opens a new window, focused on the note.
  8. @jefito Perhaps I should have said "Evernote does not intentionally make a mobile web view available, where that view has been optimized to look great and function as a full featured mobile web client." or something like that. ;-)
  9. @Benjamin X Yang Please consider describing exactly what problems you have with Evernote for Android. Unfortunately "the app is too big and too slow and not practical" is not very actionable for us. Be as specific as possible in your comments, so our Android team may consider your input.
  10. Evernote does not offer a mobile browser web view. The native Evernote app for Android is the best way to view your notes on Android mobile devices.
  11. I presume that you have the Evernote Android application installed on your Samsung phone. It sounds like Evernote was presenting you with an option to either create a new account, or login. Since you cannot see your pre-existing notes or notebooks it sounds to me like you created a new account by mistake, rather than logging into your existing account. Log out of Evernote, then click the "login" button or link. Enter the username/password for your older account. You will see your notes and notebooks.
  12. the form works. I just tested it. You need to be sure to check the box "I agree to the terms..."
  13. We would like to make this experience better in the future.
  14. I'm not a designer here, but I'm going to provide an opinion anyway. It's unlikely that a dedicated button will be created to insert date/time on iOS. Each note is already time stamped by creation and update date/time Alternatively, on Mac there is a keyboard shortcut that you can use to insert date/time information into the body of a note. e.g. command+shift+d will insert date https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004877-How-to-add-date-and-time-stamps-to-your-notes
  15. I suspect that the delay of reaching the Evernote servers in California may be causing some issue, but I recommend that you should submit a support ticket if the problem persists.
  16. @gazumped It is possible for people in China to use the evernote.com services. @Bitcyte Did you create one of these notes manually? Or did you have some third party software create it automatically?
  17. You might also explore the solutions at IFTTT https://ifttt.com/evernote and Zapier https://zapier.com/zapbook/evernote/
  18. I'm not aware that we announced support for Markdown, but I rely on Evernote a lot so perhaps my memory is failing me. We do have an integration partner for Markdown. Have you tried this? https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/marxico/web-apps
  19. The good news for you and others is that part of the reasons for re-write of the editor is to solve for this exact problem. Stay tuned for more details.
  20. @EdH I can't answer your specific question but wanted to pop in to ask that you and the other high traffic GURU's in here begin to thoroughly beta test the new editor. Ideally you don't see any feature differences with the old editor, so if you do spot missing bits, we really encourage you to report them. As Chantal mentioned, this new editor is the beginning of a future of rapid iterations going forward. @jefito @GrumpyMonkey @DTLow @csihilling @Dave-in-Decatur I know some of you are on Mac and some on Windows. Either way it would be great if you could encourage users to update to
  21. I would also like to know this, and also I would like to know if you are using Evernote Web Clipper when you are tagging items to save. Last, are you recently having issues with tags not syncing? I'm not aware that this is currently an open issue.
  22. In our FAQ you can find more answers to questions such as this one. We encourage you to visit the FAQ yourself to learn more https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/226885427
  23. I respect that your personal opinion is that Evernote has been inconsistent in our security stance. I respectfully disagree. Evernote, in my personal opinion, has had a solidly consistent approach to our security stance for years. Quoting our head of Security in a post as recent as a few days ago: "We don’t provide you with a feature that lets you client-side encrypt all your content in a way that we can no longer read it. The only end-to-end encryption feature we offer is note text encryption. We’ve had a lot of people voice their interest in full note, notebook, and account encrypt
  24. For performance and security reasons, Evernote does not store data nor note contents on any external storage devices, such as SD cards. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004817-How-is-Evernote-data-stored-on-my-Android-device-
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