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  1. While "completely worthless" is over the top, your suggested alternatives are not all that viable for heavy use, either. Unfortunately, other applications which DO have the features to fill this need don't have that special online, cross-platform ju-ju that Evernote has or I'd go back to using one of those others. Specifically to your alternatives: Checkboxes are hampered by the fact that you must manually place each one with either the hotkey or the tool button. This isn't so bad for a 5-point list, but if you're setting up a 300-line process script, then no, this isn't a good way to go. In other applications, such as Circus Ponies Notebook, even MS Word, one can start a bullet list where the bullets ARE the checkboxes, completely automatically - no need to place the checkbox, it's just there at the start of the line from the get-go. This is true in CP Notebook even when pasting in plain text from another application, ie, the pasted text automatically acquires checkboxes at the start of each new line. If Evernote had such auto-placement features, then using checkboxes would be much more attractive. Further, even with the Fonts windoid open, there's still too many clicks involved to use the Strikethrough effect. Select & click/hotkey should be all it takes, which it does on the Windows version. If you're like me and don't keep Evernote open all the time, then using the fonts windoid is additionally complicated by having to reopen it on every program launch. No, thanks, to either approach at this time. While implementing auto-checkboxes may take some real developer time, doing a Strikethrough toolbar button or hotkey (or both) shouldn't be that big of a deal... there is already a working model in the Bold/Italic/Underline buttons on the Mac version, and as it goes in coding, once you have a good model, it's easy to apply it to situations that meet the same model (that whole OOPs thing & all).
  2. Bump! Vote + 1 ! We definitely need one or the other -- a button or a keyboard shortcut, please. Or both?
  3. I'm sorry, but these instructions do not work with Evernote Mac Version 2.0 (116546). When creating a new note, the only option allowed is to use the same encryption password as all the others. You do not have the option to set a new one. This is also true if you attempt to permanently decrypt, sync, quit evernote, reopen evernote, and re-encrypt the same text as before. Thsi might work properly on Windows but not on the Mac version listed. Does anyone have a way to get encryption changes to work CORRECTLY on the Mac version?
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