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  1. I love Evernote, and want to use it at work to increase my productivity. However, I'm aware that this is a cloud-based service, and with that comes possible can of worms. Though I would obviously not store confidential information on the service (customer data, product information etc), even small fragments of data could potentially get you into hot water. Example, I might want to write a todo list and a few notes on how I might implement part of a feature I'm writing (I'm a software engineer). Perhaps some details on technical design that have been discussed between developers. This thread regarding how Evernote corp. can use the data I store also seems to be getting a lot of attention. I'm just wondering what people's opinions / thoughts are on this issue.
  2. Fair enough. I guess it's not trivial to try and simulate this in HTML. Thanks, but I think you've just repeated my original assertion - the Windows client has indenting, but the Mac client does not. Any reason for this?
  3. I make use of indentation a lot with Evernote, at least just to organise my thoughts. On Evernote for Windows, I can use CTRL-M, which will correctly indent a paragraph of text. On the Mac, there is no such option that I've found. Instead, you have to use the Tab key, which causes problems when the tabbed-text wraps around onto a new line (the next line is not indented). The second issue is that Evernote on both Mac and Windows doesn't seem to respect tab-stops correctly - hitting tab just seems to push the text X spaces across, not to the next tab-stop. Can these issues be addressed? Thanks.
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