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  1. The real strength of Evernote is the ability to edit the files in a distributed environment, and if you are using it to share files among a multitude of computers and the iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad, Evernote is a superb solution. Note that the updated file format may not be the same as the original; on my iPod Touch, if I edit some types of files, the Evernote app makes a text copy of that file and edits the text copy -- excellent answer. However, if you are trying to use Evernote as a general distributed storage solution, I suggest using DropBox instead (DropBox.com). DropBox does not support editing of any files, so in that sense it is far less capable than Evernote. However, DropBox is an excellent way to share any sort of file among a multitude of computers and the iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad. For example, DropBox is perfect for sharing encrypted files - something that would be inappropriate for Evernote. The only real problem I've had in using both is remembering where each file is located.
  2. I'm using Snow Leopard 10.6.6 with Evernote 2.0, and the notes in Evernote show up very inconsistently. When notes do show, they show in the folder ...Library/Caches/metadata/com.evernote.Evernote which makes me think that the original note is not being scanned by Spotlight at all. I have Spotlight set to show everything except music, fonts, and presentations, and to search everywhere except my external backup drive and a "Roxio Converted Items" for Toast.
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