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  1. That's good news. I'm gonna try your method. More cumbersome than just printing from Evernote itself but it sure is a lot better than having to copy the note into something like Word and redo the highlights and then print. I'm sure a lot of people will be glad to know this. Sure wish we could get the Evernote people to look into this problem and fix it. It used to work so how hard can it be to fix?
  2. You might be right. Since I posted this I have downloaded and installed the free versions on Microsoft OneNote. I copied my note from Evernote in there and redid the highlighting and then printed it. Printed fine. I like a lot of things about OneNote but I like a lot of things about Evernote too. I really like the way Evernote & Clearly work together in my browser. I plan to continue to use both and just make sure that I use OneNote for anything where I might want to highlight and print. It's just a real shame we can't get someone to take a look at this. It used to work just fine and it is probably a really easy fix for someone familiar with the code. I tried to report it to support but they don't want to hear from me because I'm not a business user who pays.
  3. By the way I did download and install Version and it doesn't work in that version either.
  4. I just downloaded some older versions from FileHippo and tried them. I am back to version 5.2.1 and I still have not been able to get the highlight to print. I did take all the text in my test note and copy it to OneNote. The hightlighting did not appear in the OneNote copy either. Then I highlited the text in OneNote and printed the note without a problem. After I did that, I copied the note (Ctrl-C) and pasted it into a new note in Evernote (Ctrl-V). The highlighted text from OneNote was highlighted but the highlight was much brighter than and Evernote highlighted text. I printed this note from Evernote and the highlighted text printed as highlighted. This makes me think the problem is in how Evernote is marking the highlight in the note since text highlighted in OneNote and pasted from the clipboard to Evernote will print with the highlight but text highlighted in Evernote itself will not print with the highlight. Hopefully someone who can figure out what is going on will read this and take action.
  5. Sorry to give you bad news....I installed on my Windows 7 PC and it isn't fixed. I tried reporting the problem to Evernote but since I'm am a "Free" user they just sent me an email that said "We can't help you and we are closing your ticket." Perhaps some "Pay" user would be willing to officially report this problem to them so they will look into it. Bill
  6. Thanks for the response. I just officially reported it so we'll see what they say about it. I'd rather highlight text in the note and then print it because I have an inkjet printer and I grab the highlighter before the ink is dry enough and smear the text instead of highlighting it when I do it by hand. Guess I'll have to learn to be more patient!
  7. Since I have updated my version of Evernote on Windows 7 to V highlighted text displays as highlighted but the highlight does not appear in print preview or in the printout of the note. I synced my notes and printed the same note from Evernote Version 5.5.2 (402634) on my MAC to the same printer and the highlights printed. They used to print from the Windows version too but not any more. I also believe that they did not print in the previous version of Evernote for Windows. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Has anyone discovered a work around for it. Has this been reported as an "official" problem to people who can do something about it? I'm afraid to update my MAC version now for fear that I will never be able to print highlighting on text ever again Bill
  8. I just went to my phone to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Now all of the test notes I put in are there. I'm not sure what happened to the notes from the time I made them to the time I just looked at them (about 1-1/2 hours). I am happy with the outcome but I'm just not sure what happened or why. It is kind of scary to put your faith in an application to store information that you may need in the future and then have that information disappear. You hope it will show up again sometime later but you don't really know for sure. I hope the fix that was talked about earlier in this post is designed to correct that. Any idea when this "fix" is going to be available?
  9. I am a new user. I downloaded the app to my Samsung Fascinate today. I created the first note successfully on the phone. I also was able to sync to the website and view the new user note and a test note I created at the website. I tried creating other test notes on the phone and clicked save each time. There was no indication that the note was not successfully saved but they never appeared in my notebook. Either the latest version does not include the described fix or it doesn't work. I think I will uninstall the app from my phone and install it again and see what happens.
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