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  1. Hi. Yes that was absolutely the very first thing I checked when this issue started. It isn’t set to open at log in. Even if it was once you quit it it should stay closed. It has been just persistent. I have cleared everything again using Appcleaner and I have checked through my library and can’t see any evidence of Evernote. Next time I start up I’m going to re install again from scratch and will let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi All. Not used my laptop for a few days and when I started up today Evernote is back to its old tricks - constantly relaunching and coming to front of screen. Its beyond infuriating. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Hi all - thanks for your help. Got rid of App store version and installed from the Evernote site. So far so good... 🙂
  4. Hi - how do I find the legacy version? Was trying to contact support but can't find an email link - going in circles...
  5. I've deleted and re-installed a couple of times. Same behaviour. App launches on its own and keeps forcing itself to the front of screen making my Mac unusable. I have had to delete completely. early annoyed with this as paying a subscription, I've bee a user for 10 years...
  6. Most recent version of Evernote from the Mac App store will not close and will not stay hidden. Whenever I quit it it immediately reopens. When I move to another app Evernote keeps coming back to the front. This is rendering my Mac unusable. WTF?
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