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  1. Is there a way to use the Safari Webclip pluggin on a Mac that doesn't have Evernote installed? Plugin installs fine but doesn't know which Evernote account to send PDF or Webclip to so does nothing.
  2. Don't object to having data on Mac. Just thought the app may be password protected and found log in screen confusing. Would like to delete app and data from work mac and use website. What's the most secure way of doing this? Love the service by the way.
  3. The fact that there is a 'stay signed in' check box surely implys that there is an option not to 'stay signed in' surely? This sort of thing makes me think it's a bit rough around the edges. What else could this be for? Anyway, I'm happy to be signed in on my home Mac but my work mac which is used 99.9% of the time by me is still vulnerable so I reluctantly have no option but to delete the app and use website. How do I cleanly delete app and all data?
  4. Just noticed on the opening pop up that there is a check book to 'stay signed in'. Surely this implies you can sign out?
  5. Pretty much every other Mac app that requires a password also offers a way of logging out and in at will. Find this concept a bit odd. think I may have to delete and rely on website. This makes it less attractive to me as it means having to rely on an internet connection. I would prefer a local copy.
  6. Found an earlier post that seems to imply that there is no way to log out on the Mac. This seems totally ludicrous!
  7. Can we not just have a simply splash screen (like 1password for example) that asks for a password before one can view notes? Surely this would be the obvious solution? And why do we get a pop up window to log in at launch asking for log in details even though I'm already logged in (I know it can be turned off)? All seems a bit beta? Like to store the data locally but not having it so easily accessible.
  8. Just installed the Mac version of Evernote on my home and works Macs. Cannot see a way to log out? When I launch app there is a pop up window for me to log in but it appears I am already logged in. I can see all my notes I can just close pop up and am already logged in without password or anything. Problem is I can't log out. This seems to be a gapping security hole.
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